Is your current two-way radio system good enough?


If you are responsible for health and safety or security then we are pretty sure that you’ll be putting a lot of effort into managing everyday incidents (e.g. ‘slip and trip’) and making sure that you’re as prepared as possible for major scenarios that will hopefully never occur.

A second generation digital two-way radio system is a valuable tool to anyone in your role, offering many more advantages than just enabling you to communicate with and coordinate your team.

Find out whether you’re getting all the help possible from a two-way radio system with our six simple questions.

Is your current two-way radio system good enough?


Find out with six simple questions

1. Does your system track and record the movement of patrolling staff using wireless beacons providing 3D location?

2. Does your system record details of every spillage or accident reported together with details of when the cleanup team or security staff responded? This information may be pivotal in defending ‘slip and trip’ claims.

3. Does you system alert you if the radio user falls or is knocked over (Man Down), or fails to respond to an alert (Lone Worker)? These functions improve worker health and safety and may provide a warning of an incident.

4. Does your system interface with fire alarm panels and enable you to identify which zone an incident is taking place in so that you can isolate that area with shutters and minimise the number of retailers affected by any shut down required?

5. Do your radios have Priority Interrupt, which enables managers and security officers to interrupt all calls on the system should they need to relay critical information or co-ordinate an evacuation?

6. Do you have a second control room that can quickly be brought into play should the main control room be compromised, and can managers access the system from tablets?

If you didn’t answer YES to all six questions and you’re interested in knowing more about CSE Zycomm two-way radio systems get in touch .