Man Down

If a radio with the Man Down feature remains horizontal for beyond a defined period of time it triggers an alert. If the worker doesn’t respond to this, an alarm is automatically sent to a central control centre or another two-way radio.

Lone worker

Two-way radios with the Lone Worker feature can be programmed to sound a regular alarm to which workers must respond. Should they fail to do so, and they cannot be contacted via the radio, help can then be dispatched to their location.

lone homeworker

Indoor/Outdoor Tracking

CSE Zycomm Communication Alarm Linking and Management (CALM) systems can monitor the location of employees externally using GPS tracking and internally using Bluetooth beacons to provide for their safety, which is invaluable in providing a prompt and effective response to Man Down and Lone Worker alarms.

Emergency Alert

To provide for the health and safety of workers, particularly those working alone and in potentially hazardous situations, CSE Zycomm Communication Alarm Linking and Management (CALM) systems are designed to ensure a quick, appropriate and effective response to alerts and alarms from radios and emergency button alarms customised to each clients specific requirements.


Voice Recording

A CSE Zycomm two-way radio system can enable you to monitor, record, store, play back and export audio files of calls on the system. Recordings can be used to investigate customer complaints, help create data trails for dispute resolution, improve health and safety response protocols and for staff training.