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W3Z Wireless Broadband

Whether you are in a tower block or remote farmhouse if you have a direct line of sight to one of CSE Zycomm’s many W3Z Superfast Broadband wireless sites you we can supply  a superfast broadband internet service.

The equipment required to receive a W3Z signal is a small rooftop antenna, about the size of a satellite TV dish, which receives W3Z Superfast Broadband and brings it directly to your home. CSE Zycomm installs all of the necessary equipment, including a single connecting cable, sets up the router and tests the WiFi, usually in around two hours. W3Z Superfast Broadband download speed is guaranteed to be 20Mbs, and does not fall below this even when conventional copper internet connections local to you get busy or there is an important event streaming live on the TV.

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