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Chatter PTT

ChatterPTT combines all your communication devices with a smart mobile integrated platform, providing instant one to one and group calling like two-way radios communication.

Connect work teams anywhere on any device

Integrate smart devices and two-way radios

The ChatterPTT service can be linked with existing analogue, digital and trunked radio systems allowing users to connect to a radio network when outside radio coverage via cellular or Wifi networks. This enables remote users, supervisors or managers to connect into a localised radio network anywhere in the world as long as they have a wifi or cellular connection.

Connect smart devices to smart devices

The ChatterPTT solution offers your team the ability to communicate between multiple smart devices instantly at the push of a button. This makes group communications more rapid and efficient and for incident management in the event of an emergency, becomes a critical feature when dealing with such scenarios.

Connect PC’s, laptops and tablets

ChatterPTT is available as a software application for desktop PC’s, laptops and tablets allowing organisations to re-use existing assets for group communication and your team to select the best device to suit their requirements.


  • ChatterPTT combines the benefits of two-way radio features allowing one to many and group calls with the extended coverage of cellular phone networks in one integrated smart device.
  • Cross network compatibility
    Connect and communicate across any platform including cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G), Wi-Fi platforms, broadband and two-way radio networks, providing maximum possible coverage
  • One to one or multiple groups
    ChatterPTT can accommodate up to 250 users and each can be configured with a unique profile, defining talk groups and private call capabilities.
    Reliable secure communication
    Reliable, highly secure, business critical communications whether connecting via cellular, LTE networks or Wi-Fi.
  • Instant text imaging and messaging
  • GPS position for location tracking
    Track, locate and identify where your workforce are in the field for improved Health & Safety
  • Priority Call for emergency situations
    Dedicated Emergency Alert button on supported devices
  • Wide choice of supported devices
    Choose from an extensive range of high-quality dedicated Push to Talk (PTT) devices including in vehicle or desk top solutions
  • Professional audio accessories & ancillaries
    Use similar high quality audio accessories offered with two-way radio devices including speaker mics and covert surveillance kits


  • ChatterPTT is designed to offer business-critical resilient communications for small, medium and large enterprises seeking more efficient ways to communicate.
  • Communicate rapidly and efficiently with your work force wherever you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection anywhere in the world
  • Track and monitor users via GPS location for improved Health & Safety
  • Reduce mobile and SMS messaging costs
  • Transmit voice instructions instantly to individuals or groups
  • No complex or expensive infrastructure required
  • Use the same smart device to run other work centric applications, e.g., job ticketing
  • Secure and reliable communications
  • Scalable cloud-based solution – add users instantly
  • Hosted solutions also available