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Crosswire is an advanced software product designed to manage radio dispatch systems using a computer consul linked via an IP connection to a server located in proximity to the radio system to be monitored.

CSE Zycomm is proud to include Crosswire our range of control room solutions. It offers a highly scalable, flexible and affordable solution that enables us to provide systems to improve health and safety and increase operational efficiency.

The two-way radio system our sister company CSE Chatterbox designed for London Bridge City used Crosswire dispatcher software system and the IP network to enable users to make voice calls to specific groups or individual radio users, monitor and record all communications on the system and monitor the location of radio users externally. The Crosswire dispatch system runs on standard Windows, supports multiple operators and, because it connects to the radio system via IP, can be located anywhere on the site where there is an Ethernet connection or off site if required.

Crosswire Dispatch Console

The Crosswire Dispatch console is a very
flexible server / client-based dispatch console for analogue and digital two-way radio fleets. The solution can be configured in a large number of ways – either hosted within a client’s enterprise or within the cloud. The console offers a lot more than just a voice interface. An operator can locate, message, alert or view live camera feeds within one or multiple windows. Crosswire also offers a platform that will allow enterprises to integrate new technologies such as PTT over cellular or satellite communications.


  • Voice dispatch – Private, group, broadcast and emergency calls
  • Messaging – Private, group and offline messaging
  • Mapping – In-built mapping allows the use of customer owned GIS systems in addition to open-source mapping data.
  • Audio and event recording – All group communication is recorded and available
  • Geofencing and Lone Worker – Geofences can be established for specific operational areas and text messaging/tasks can be triggered on geofence breach
  • Task scheduler – Automated playout of pre-recorded audio files
  • Emergence alerts – Alerts can be triggered by an emergency button being pressed or by a lack of response to a Lone Worker or Man Down alarm
  • User interface – The dispatch user interface can be configured to individual requirements