Technology Partner


Kenwood offers a comprehensive line-up of digital air interfaces that allow users to select precisely the right solution to meet specific operational requirements, whether in migrating from analogue or upgrading an existing digital system.

CSE Zycomm is proud to partner with Kenwood to offer its DMR range, which offers users comprehensive and cost-effective operations and business critical two-way radio solutions.

Control Room Solutions

AVL and Dispatch Software


  • Windows-based software with AVL and Dispatch features
  • Low-cost initial package, optional license upgrades
  • Two configurations for enhanced scalability:
    • A simple, PC-based standalone AVL & Dispatch system
    • Multi-client operation with remote server; accepts up to 8 RF systems and 10 clients
  • UI design with emphasis on functionality and manoeuvrability
  • Supports diverse digital radio systems
  • User-selectable options: Location Management, Voice Dispatch, Voice Path, Multi-client capability for a server, Voice Record and RF System functions