Zebra Workforce Connect


Zebra Workforce Connect (WFC) PTT Pro is a push-to-talk over cellular solution that enables users to communicate over Wi-Fi and cellular networks using  their Zebra scanning device.

Add PoC to existing Zebra devices

Workforce Connect PTT Pro integrates seamlessly with your Zebra devices which you already use for your scanning and data management needs. The PTT Pro app runs smoothly in the background, allowing you to use your existing scanning and data applications as normal – when you need to communicate, your colleagues and teams are available at a press of your device’s designated PTT button.

About Work Force Connect PTT Pro

WFC PTT Pro is an easy way to marry all voice and data communications into one multi-functional mobile device that allows workers to do it all — access information in line-of-business applications; instantly reach co-workers; manage a team located across the country or around the world with robust push-to-talk; plus text messaging to one person or a group with members all around the world.

Compatible on both Android and iOS devices, and not limited to Zebra devices, WFC PTT Pro can connect a workforce by removing all physical and geographical barriers between users, allowing them to work efficiently and safely.

Workforce Connect adds allows you to provide your workers with a single device for application access, communications and collaboration. Life is simplified for users, who only need to manage a single device. The cost of mobility is reduced, since there are fewer devices to purchase and manage. And the ability to integrate separate voice and data workflows reduces the number of steps required to complete a task, allowing you to achieve operational excellence. Since Workforce Connect is configurable, you can enable the features you need today and easily add features to meet new business needs tomorrow.

Intuitive user interface

Call and message history

It’s really simple to review recent call and message history and to listen back to calls.

PTT record & playback feature

Play back previous calls, without the space in between PTT transmissions.

Professional PTT experience

Access one to many PTT via the device’s PTT button, the on-screen PTT or a Bluetooth audio accessory.

Easy access to contacts

Add contacts to your favourites, see who is online and locate users in real time using Google Maps.

User groups

Users can be grouped together according to their department, job role or location. Contacts are easy to locate and navigate so users can stay connected wherever they are.

Real-time location with Google Maps

Perfect for remote workers, users can view their colleagues’ outdoor location in real time from their handset – they can even navigate to them using Google Maps.

PTT Pro Dispatch Client

Creating a central hub for nation-wide team communications with Workforce Connect is easy with the PTT Pro Dispatch Client,  a PC application with all functionality a control room operative would expect.

  • The PTT Pro dispatcher has the same licence cost as a handheld terminal, making it a financially achievable solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • The dispatch client acts as a PTT terminal, ensuring control room operatives can contact their workforce at the touch of a button.
  • The PTT Pro dispatcher is compatible with Bluetooth accessories, giving operatives the flexibility to communicate with comfortable headsets or earphones.
  • Thanks to advanced mapping from Google Maps, a remote workforce can be easily monitored using the PTT Pro dispatch client.
  • A PC application, the PTT Pro dispatch client is simple to install and use.

Zebra handsets

Zebra EC30

The Zebra EC30 is a compact and lightweight smart device, perfect for organisations looking to utilise their Wi-Fi network for employee communications.

Zebra TC25

 The Zebra TC25 is an affordable rugged smartphone complete with all the features and functionality.

Zebra TC57

The Zebra TC57  is a rugged smartphone, a scanner, a handheld computer and a PoC terminal all in one.