Could you manage emergency alarms more effectively?





Everyone wants to ensure a quick and effective response to a fire alarm but false alarms, which disrupt business and divert fire service resources from genuine emergencies, are to be avoided.

If your building has an automatic fire alarm, integrating it with your two-way radio system could make your alarm handling more effective.

Here’s how:


  • Fire or smoke alarm is triggered.


  • Radio users receive an alert (predetermined text and/or voice) indicating which alarm has been activated.


  • Radio users attend the relevant alarm, assesses whether it’s false, a manageable fire which can be dealt with by them or a potentially serious incident requiring the fire service.


  • After a designated delay, established through a risk assessment by the relevant fire service, if no one on site intervenes, the fire service will be called, and an audible alarm will alert the need to evacuate.

By integrating your alarm and two-way radio systems you can avoid false alarm call outs and minimise disruption of false alarms to those using the building.



CSE Zycomm systems can be integrated with most alarms, including fire, smoke, poisonous gas, BMS and MCM. If you’re interested in knowing more get in touch.