4 communication solutions your organisation needs





Communications technology is evolving fast with new technologies bringing new advantages to businesses and organisations to help them work more effectively and to provide for the health and safety of their employees.

PTToC (push to talk over cellular), also known as PoC, and RoIP (radio over internet protocol) technology offers the benefits of simultaneous one to many communication (‘all informed’ group calls) without the need for radio infrastructure or licences. PTToC uses the WiFi and cellular networks to connect people on the same system. At minimum, all you need to create a communication group is smart devices and a subscription to an app, but the use of dedicated PoC devices, with a dedicated push to talk button makes reacting to calls, sending alerts etc. quicker.



There are four key benefits PTToC can offer your business:



1. Overcome licence availability (because you don’t need a licence)

If lack of availability of two-way radio licences has prevented you from using one-to-many communication for operational effectiveness or health and safety, TurboVoice can enable you to take advantage of all the benefits of this without the requirement for, or cost, of a licence. A TurboVoice system provided the Royal Opera House with licence-free, cost-effective radio coverage for their events. Read the case study.

In addition to one-to-many, TurboVoice can offer many of the traditional features of digital mobile radio (DMR) two-way radio systems – GPS tracking, man-down, lone worker etc. Dedicated devices are recommended for this type of application.


2. Extend communications from local to worldwide

Because TurboVoice makes use of cellular and WiFi networks users on your system can communicate anywhere they can access either type of network, nationally or even internationally, which could be very beneficial if you have a multi-site organisation or employees spread over large areas e.g. sales or maintenance teams.


3. Provide a cost effective solution to coverage issues

Many sites present coverage challenges for DMR two-way radio that require infrastructure and therefore make two-way radio communication prohibitively expensive for some applications. TurboVoice can provide a solution here. From a simple site visit CSE Chatterbox engineers can demonstrate the coverage you could achieve using TurboVoice to overcome topography issues etc. as we did for ChannelPorts at Folkestone. Read the case study.


4. The flexibility to extend your communications network quickly (or temporarily) e.g. for business continuity

If you need to extend your one-to-many system either permanently or temporarily, e.g. for an event, TurboVoice can provide a cost-effective solution. For example, whilst security or facilities management functions may be on a two-way radio system, management could be connected using an app on a smart device occasionally or as a business continuity provision.