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Icom is well regarded for its marine radios and specialist knowledge in this field but has also proved itself to be an industry leading innovator with its IP products.

CSE Chatterbox works closely with Icom and has an excellent understanding of its products and their applications.

We are proud to offer Icom two-way radios for sale or rental.

For information and advice, or to obtain prices, please call us on

on 020 7183 4391.



Icom in TurboVoice

TurboVoice, using Icom LTE/4G PoC technology, has provided an effective solution for ChannelPorts, overcoming the challenges of the topography at their busy freight clearance centre. Read the full case study.

Icom in CALM IP

We use Icom’s innovative IP two-way radios and controllers in our CALM IP systems.

Using Icom technology, a CALM IP system:

  • Doesn’t require infrastructure as it works on the building’s Wi-Fi – cost effective, relatively quick to install and need not be permanent i.e. could be used for events etc. (short-term hire potential)
  • Doesn’t require a licence, therefore offers a solution to users who require two-way radios where licences are difficult to obtain, notably central London
  • Works underground, traditionally challenging for two-way radios
  • Can be linked into a radio or telephone system

The Royal Opera House used a CALM IP system on short-term hire for its Deloitte Ignite event, where the product’s ability to interface with the building’s WiFi to achieve local coverage without the need for base stations and antennas proved invaluable in providing a cost effective solution. Read more about this.

2nd Generation Icom Digital Radios

Icom offers a range of advanced digital two-way business radios designed to provide business users with variety of features on a flexible operating platform.

This 2nd generation series features a high resolution colour LCD screen and an intuitive menu driven interface. The IC-F3400D handheld series is available in three different display options. The IC-F5400D mobile series is available in two display options. All variants are available in VHF and UHF.