Communication Solutions

Ultra reliable two-way communication is probably just the first item on your list of requirements if you are sourcing radios for use in the healthcare sector. You may also need to consider one or several of the following:

  • Improved site coverage
  • GPS worker tracking (via PC and hand held devices) for monitoring and health and safety
  • Lone worker safety and man down alarms for vulnerable workers
  • Personal SOS buttons
  • Migration from an existing analogue system
  • Integration with other communication systems – telephone, mobile etc.
  • Recording of all transmissions for future reference

We offer two-way radios and equipment from the World’s leading suppliers to customers throughout the UK, and have the knowledge and experience to advise on the products most suitable for your requirements, whether you’re looking for short-term rental, our managed service for long term hire or just buying equipment.

If you requirement is for a system upgrade or installation rather than simply two-way radios our CSE Zycomm Alarm Location Monitoring (CALM) systems are bespoke to each client. Each is be built to incorporate the latest technology to meet the client’s requirements. Specifying a system starts with a free of charge system evaluation of your existing system and/or a discussion of your requirement.

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