Improved Communications

We harness technologies to provide our clients with the most relevant solutions available for their specific needs.

We can design systems to overcome communication challenges – enabling text rather than voice communication, enabling dispatch and connecting with land and mobile systems:

In some instances messaging or text capability has some advantages over voice, for example in noisy environments, when accuracy is essential or information needs to be retained for reference.

With the CSE Chatterbox Alarm Location Monitoring (CALM) text feature it is quick, easy and free to send messages to a variety of devices including PCs, mobiles, tablets, and other two-way and vehicle radios.

The CALM Text feature also allows you to integrate text messaging into the alarm handling functionality so that texts can trigger and be sent in response to alarms. For example, if a worker exits or enters a geo-fence area, the supervisor can be informed instantly by text.

With this feature a CSE Chatterbox Alarm Location Monitoring’s (CALM)  system can integrate with your telephone system so that any calls that are received at base can be patched through directly to an individual radio.

So if for example a worker falls unconscious or is injured the system ensures that the alarm is raised promptly. Workers can also summon assistance at the discreet press of a button or even open the radio so others can hear what is going on in their location. This feature is ideal for security guards, traffic wardens, lone maintenance workers and all professions where working alone, with all the associated health and safety risks, is unavoidable.

CALM’s Lone Worker feature can track workers using beacons or GPS depending on the customer’s requirement.

If you are concerned with lone worker safety you may also want to consider CALM’s Man Down feature and look at our CALM Personal SOS Button, which is ideal for workers who do not need to carry a two-way radio but still require protection.

Read some of our case studies about the CALM Lone Worker feature in action:

  • Thames Water
  • Croydon Council

With Voice Dispatch, a CSE Chatterbox Alarm Location Monitoring (CALM) system allows you to transform your PC into a control room radio so that you can talk directly to any radio on the system via a simple internet connection.